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Tecnoseal Industry is a supplier of many different welding materials and equipment for pipeline-to-cable connections, welding of earthing systems and components and welding of Titanium connector.

Three different welding technology are available:

  • Exhothermic welding:
    This welding technique use the heat generated by the oxidation of a metallic compound called “thermite” (Aluminum powder and Iron (II) oxide) inside a refractory crucible to melt copper cables and earthing components to pipelines or other metallic structures performing a stable and permanent connection.
  • Pin brazing:
    Pin brazing is an easy welding technique that use a low-voltage electric arc generated by a specially designed portable brazing gun to braze a hollow pin containing silver solder. Pin brazing is quick, simple, reliable and extremely versatile.
    • Exothermic welding systems;
    • Pin brazing system;
    • Coating restoration caps;
  • Spot-welding
    Spot-welding is an electric welding technology used for connection of Titanium anode and connectors. Titanium connectors and anodes are always polarized at anodic potentials so, while Titanium itself is extremely corrosion-resistant due to anodic passivation, any other filler material used to perform connections would fail in short time.
    Differently from other technique, spot-welding do not use any other filler material and is based only extremely localized heating due to a DC current passing through the pieces to be connected.
  • Tecnoseal Industry supplies spot-welder units, equipment and materials form the world-leading brands to allow our Customer a smooth and easy installation of our systems.

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