cathodic protection system
and onsite assistance for all types of facilities

  • Air & oil cooled Transformer/rectifiers
  • MMO Titanium and Silicon-iron anodes
  • Canistered anodes
  • Flexible anodes
  • Reference electrodes & corrosion probes
  • Vertical deepwell & horizontal shallow groundbed
  • Junction boxes & test stations
  • Flange insulation kits & surge protection
  • Insulating joints

Pipelines undergo different corrosion processes depending on the soil characteristics in which they are located. Pipeline integrity has to be maintained to ensure safe operation without failures that could jeopardize public safety, result in product loss, or cause property and environmental damage (dangerous and ethically unacceptable).
From an economic point of view, corrosion can lead to significant costs for both private and public sectors.
The costs of corrosion can be significantly mitigated by the application of an effective corrosion protection system and an advanced monitoring system. Tecnoseal Industry’s strength and experience is based on many projects around the world for the protection of pipeline installations. These include desert areas in which, to achieve an adequate level of protection, impressed current systems were implemented using deepwell groundbeds with FeSi alloy anodes or Titanium MMO anodes. Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. provides the widest range of services for corrosion control and continuously offers the most innovative solutions to preserve structures from corrosion, maintain the efficiency of the pipelines and reduce their management costs.

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