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pre-design site survey, engineering and on site service

  • T/R unit control & command
  • Polarization potential on/off cycle response
  • Real time data visualization
  • Potential attenuation vs. coating conductance
  • Detection of coating defects on pipelines
  • AC interference detection and evaluation
  • Spectral analysis of polarization potential
  • Integration with existing SCADA systems
  • Solar powered units

For a correct and efficient management of cathodic protection systems and corrosion prevention, it is always advisable to perform a series of periodic checks on the system itself and on the protected structures.
Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. offers a Remote Monitoring & Control System (RMCS) developed in many years and tested with great success all over the world which allows the user to have a complete control on the C.P. systems, instantly detecting every possible breakdown or incorrect operating condition. In addition, our systems can detect coating defects on long pipelines and many other critical situation without the need for site inspection.
Our remote monitoring and control systems can interfaced with geographically distributed systems already operating on the plants and can be solar-powered to allow installation in remote areas with no mains electricity line.
A remote control and monitoring system is a highly effective way to minimize maintenance costs both in terms of site and field inspection and repair costs, and ensure the best performances for all the project life.

For more information about our RMCS, pleas find the relevant presentation on the Product section.

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