cathodic protection system
and onsite assistance for all types of facilities

  • Explosion-proof equipments
  • Vertical deepwell groundbeds
  • Fexible MMO titanium anode
  • Junction boxes & test stations
  • Insulating joints
  • Solid state polarization cells

Oil fields and refineries are some of the largest structures in the oil and gas industry and represent a technological challenge for corrosion engineering and cathodic protection.
Buried pipelines running underground, large storage tanks, plants dealing with high temperatures and corrosive chemicals are all often located in the same area, and are affected by different corrosion problems.
Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. employs highly skilled technicians with over 30 years of experience in the design of anti- corrosion and cathodic protection systems and fully understand the problems arising in these structures. Our engineering department uses the most advanced products and technologies to offer the best and most cost-effective solutions to corrosion problems in these situations.

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