cathodic protection system
and onsite assistance for all types of facilities

  • Air & oil cooled Transformer/Rectifiers
  • Grid and loop arrangement MMO Titanium anodes
  • Magnesium and zinc ribbon anode
  • Aluminium and Magnesium anodes for internal
  • ICCP for internal surface
  • Reference electrodes with soil access
  • Junction boxes & test stations
  • Flange insulation kits

Corrosion of metallic storage tanks, both buried underground (USTs) or placed aboveground (ASTs) is a primary concern for oil&gas industry, as well as for other industries and facilities which need to store large quantities of motor fuel, petroleum, solvents, heating oil, lubricants, liquid gas or even water. Both USTs and ASTs are subjected to strict national and local regulations in order to avoid or mini- mize the risk of product leackage, which may cause severe environmental damage.
To ensure an effective protection against corrosion, Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. offers a wide range of highly-custom- ized solutions depending on specific tank’s configuration, size, stored product and surrounding environment. Ranging from the production and supply of sacrificial anodes for the protection of internal surface, to the com- plete design of ICCP system for the protection of large AST’s bottom surface, Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. can offer the most advanced and cost-effective solutions to ensure the safety and the longest service life for your tanks.

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