cathodic protection system
and onsite assistance for all types of facilities

  • Stand off aluminium anodes
  • Reference electrodes
  • MMO Titanium anodes
  • Sled-mounted anodes
  • Tensioned anodes
  • Offshore platforms are constantly exposed to corrosion due to the harsh marine environment. Protection is carried out through aluminium or zinc sacrificial anodes, but when the weight of the structure is critical, an impressed current ICCP system or a hybrid system (impressed current combined with sacrificial anodes) can be the best option.
    Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. always performs a detailed study of all offshore platform s features, with particular attention to both to the marine environment parameters and to the issues related to the design and compatability of cathodic protection, with metallic materials and coatings. There are a variety of different ICCP systems that can be applied: suspended anodes or tensioned systems-systems with anodes directly connected to the structursystems with remote anode groundbeds on the seabed. Tecnoseal Industry’s experience is critical to implement a careful design and selection of materials in order to provide the most advanced and effective CP system to preserve the life of the structure.

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