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Impressed current anodes are used as electrodes to deliver to the protected structures the low-voltage current provided by the T/R unit. Unlike galvanic anode, since the driving voltage is much higher, they can be installed in remote positions in horizontal or vertical groundbeds.

According the their principle of operation and the chemical reactions that takes place at their surface, Impressed current anodes are classified as:

Soluble anodes:
Soluble anodes, like scrap iron, are consumed by the flow of current
Semi-soluble anodes:
Thanks to their partially passivated or oxidized surfaces, semi-soluble anodes have a really low consumption and a great corrosion resistance. High-silicon cast iron and graphite anodes belong to this category.
Insoluble anodes:
Insoluble anodes are characterized by a catalytic surface film that allows anodic reactions of oxygen and chlorine evolution, with no appreciable consumption. Insoluble anodes like MMO Titanium and platinized Titanium are small, lightweight and have long operative lifetimes.

Product list:

  • HSCI solid-stick anodes;
  • Tubular HSCI anodes;
  • Double-headed HSCi anodes;
  • MMO-Titanium anodes;
  • Tubular MMO-Titanium anodes;
  • Long-line MMO flexible anodes;
  • Long-line conductive polymer flexible anodes;
  • Canistered anodes;

Product technical data sheets:

HSCI solid-stick anodes

HSCI solid-stick anodes

MMO-Titanium anodes

MMO-Titanium anodes

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