wide range of solutions against corrosion

Cathodic protection systems always require significant amount of low-voltage electric cable capable of ensuring long-term performance in harsh condition including direct burial, permanent immersion, presence of pollutants and aggressive chemicals.

Tecnoseal Industry S.r.l. provides a complete range of copper cables for both generic use or specifically designed for Cathodic Protection use. Cable are available as market standard or could be manufactured according Customer specifications to fit every particular application, with special insulation, shielding and armours.

Together with cables, we supply all the related accessories and tool that may be required for a smooth installation once on site.

Product list:

  • Cathodic Protection Cables;
  • Generic use cables;
  • Cast resin splicing kits;
  • Special tools for installation;
  • Marking tapes;
  • Connectors and terminals;
  • Heat-shrinkable sleeves and caps;
  • Cold-applied cable repair tapes;

Groundbed accessories

Correct design of anodic grounbeds has a key role in the development of a C.P. system. Tecnoseal industry supplies a complete range of accessories for both vertical and horizontal groundbeds.

Product list:

  • Wellheads;
  • Ventilation pipes;
  • Suspension ropes;
  • Anode spacer and centralizers;
  • Galvanized steel support pipes;
  • Piezometric pipes;
  • Steel casing pipes;
  • HDPE casing pipes;
  • Watering pipes for soil access.

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