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Coke breeze is a carbonaceous backfill widely used to enhance the performances of impressed current groundbeds. Petroleum coke undergoes a thermal treatment process called “calcination” where it is heated at high temperatures in special ovens where most of the volatiles and the residual hydrocarbons are eliminated leaving a high-purity granular carbon. Thanks to its almost-metallic conductivity, calcined petroleum coke backfill surrounding the anodes allows anodic current to be discharged by a widely increased surface, lowering anodic resistance and anode’s consumption.

Depending on the type of groundbed to be backfilled, different types of coke breeze with increasing purity are available by Tecnoseal Industry:

  • Calcined coke breeze, grain size 1-4 mm;
  • Calcined coke breeze, grain size 0-1 mm;

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