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  • Zinc alloy anodes
  • Aluminum alloy anodes
  • Magnesium alloy anodes
  • Flush mounted, stand-off and bracelet
  • Pre-packaged backfilled anodes
  • Special design on Customer specifications

The cathodic protection of a metal structure can be performed by coupling the metal with a less noble material, that will corrode instead of the main structure preserving it over time (sacrificial anodes). Sacrificial anodes have a long and successful application history; their use can be traced back to 1824 when Sir Humphry David protected copper sheathing of a warship using iron anodes. Nowadays, use of sacrificial anodes have spread to many different application, and the material technology allowed the production of way more efficient anodic alloys targeted to increasingly specific applications.

In the Industrial sector, sacrificial anodes are of vital use for the protection of small port facilities, offshore platforms, subsea piping, internal storage tank surfaces and small pipelines. They also support for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems and are used as a temporary protection for on-shore and off-shore structures and pipelines.

For more information about our range of sacrificial anodes and their suggested use, please refer to our Product section.

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